Sunday, April 15, 2012

Merry Easter Christmas!

It's Easter Christmas! The Easter Bunny saw his shadow so there will be six more weeks of fireworks and trick or treating. A few years ago we were having a hard time getting together for Christmas. Every weekend it seemed something would come up and we would have to postpone...again...and again...and again. Finally I said "We're having Christmas this weekend even though it's Easter. I have all these gifts and I'm cooking Christmas dinner. Be here." I decorated a small Christmas tree with Christmas decorations and put Easter grass and eggs underneath it. Fun was had by all. It was great, there was no stress with everyone trying to get together for Christmas dinner or the extra financial burden of buying gifts. We still get together at Christmas, but just for the family time. Now we celebrate Christmas closer to another religious holiday, Easter. We also have a dollar store gift exchange. We draw names so we don't have the extra stress of buying everyone a gift. (I do, because I'm the Nonnie.) The gifts have to come from a dollar store and we can only spend $2.00. This causes a lot of hilarity. There is always a catch to getting their gifts. Last year I hid them like Easter Eggs and they had to hunt for them. This year we played Pictionary and they had to guess first to be the one that got to open their gift. Then that person had to draw the next picture...wearing the Easter Bunny cap. The grandkids were appalled when I said we weren't going to do Easter Christmas anymore. So it appears that we will continue to have Easter Christmas every year. Since we are together (for the most part) at Christmas anyway, this gives us another reason to get together at another time of the year. So Merry Easter Christmas to all of you and a Happy New Thanksgiving!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Springtime continued...

Silly blog would only let me post 5 pictures. So here are more. You can never have too many bluebonnets.

Springtime in Texas...

I honestly don't think there is anything prettier than Texas in the Spring. The wildflowers are gorgeous, the grass is a beautiful green and even the mesquite trees are pretty with their bright green leaves and dark brown branches. Nothing smells sweeter than a hillside covered with bluebonnets. When I was climbing around in these flowers I never once thought that I should watch out for snakes. I guess they felt sorry for me and left me alone. (thank you) I took these pictures on the side of the road between Henrietta and Bowie on my last trip home. The Primrose I took in Mansfield because I wanted to get home and figured there would be big bunches of them there as well as close to Henrietta. appears I was wrong, but you get the picture. (ha...get the picture) Okay that was only funny to me, but hope you enjoy these visions of beauty from Texas.