Sunday, June 24, 2012

Some of you may remember a post I had on here awhile back regarding the single shoes found on the side of the road. Where do they come from, how do they get there...alone? Well I found a clue. I'm not sure what this means. One shoe is already missing so you can only recycle one? or You can only recycle one shoe so the other has to find a new owner so it wanders away? Shoes of the world unite! Don't be walked on any longer! Put your foot down and demand equality. Don't let the leftists push you around, stand up for your rights. Okay I really can't go on with the shoe puns any more. I feel like a shoelace, fit to be tied. (groan)
Where do all the single shoes on the side of the road come from? I mean first of all, you’re walking down a major freeway. That’s strange enough, but you don’t notice that one of your shoes comes off? You get home that evening and start to get ready for bed, you reach over to take off your shoes and then notice one of them is missing? Or while you’re driving, does your shoe suddenly come off your foot and fly out the window? Do they each have a story? Like the one I saw while driving across an overpass, was it going to jump? Major headlines: ‘Men’s Size 13 Wingtip Plunges to Death off the 287 Ramp Onto I20’. I want to put their pictures on beer bottles, because I’m sure no sober person lost their shoe and just left it behind. ‘This Bud’s for You, Have You Seen Me?’ Or maybe I should collect them all and start an online service, ‘Find Your Sole Mate at’.

These first two are a pair of Nikes. One was in the intersection and the other by the median. They decided they didn't want to travel together?

This guy get tired of being walked on?

Unzipped itself and jumped?

When I first saw this green one there was a pink one with it. Not sure what happened to the pink one but it's gone. Maybe they had a spat. No that's a different shoe.

This child's shoe was at a fork in the road. Umm...Mama...missing something?

This one was in Wichita Falls. Looks to me like Nikes don't like to stay put. (Thanks Lori)

These are in the parking lot where I work. Not sure what to say, I haven't seen anyone walking around barefoot.

Were these two traveling together? They are a left and a right, maybe one person was wearing them. They are on the side of an underpass.

And this one, a work boot, decided to retire?

It’s just one of life’s unanswered questions and one of those things that makes you go hmm…