Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl XLsomething 2

Can't forget the dogs. I mean - what's a football game without hotdogs and brauts?

Super Bowl XLsomething

This year, for my family, it wasn't about who we wanted to win, it was more who we wanted to lose. Our team didn't lose. (shoot) So for the most part, our Super Bowl get together was all about the food and the commercials...oh yeah and that family togetherness thing. :-)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A day with my Little Man...

Michelle is finding out that having a baby at 40 isn't as easy as it was at...well...before 40. You find that you don't have the energy or the same time management skills you had when you were younger. It was nothing for her to throw one kid on her hip and load the other 4 toddlers (Stewart's 3 boys included) into the car and go to the grocery store or run errands. She called me one day last week and asked if I would consider keeping Kaid for one night over the weekend. She just wanted a full night's sleep. Too funny. Of course I jumped at the chance. We had a great time and I realized that I also had to re-learn that time management thing. I found myself thinking that I couldn't start anything that would take very long because he might wake up from his nap at any time. Needless to say my day was quite uneventful, at least while he was sleeping. When he was awake we had a blast. I loved his little baby sounds and his toothless smile and just the way he felt and smelled. So he spent Friday night and most of today with me. When Michelle came to get him I felt a little sad that he wasn't going to be here again tonight. Of course if you look way in the back of the picture where I'm holding him you'll see that 'someone' was ready for him to go home. Not only did Radar not like me giving Kaid all my attention, Ollie, the cat ran and hid everytime he cried...and he could cry really loud when he was hungry. Now all is quiet and back to normal. Radar is lying beside me on the couch and Ollie has returned to his sentry post on the balcony. My life is full with my pets but I miss snuggling with my 'Little Man'.